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Selling My Car Melbourne

Regardless of why you want to sell your vehicle in Melbourne, you need an exceptional dealer to facilitate the process. We are your ultimate partners! We offer various services, including purchasing used cars, junk, and scrap. Our qualified personnel guarantee a seamless process, ensuring that you get enhanced value in the long run.

Process of Selling Your Car to Scrap Car Removal

We offer a straightforward sale process, minimizing inconveniences and hurdles in the long run. First, you’ll need to register your car with us. This process includes providing proof of ownership and insurance.

After reviewing documents and ascertaining ownership, we indulge our car valuers in establishing the price of your vehicle. We shall send this estimation to you and compare it with your intended pricing. Negotiation might be necessary at this stage.

Next, we shall offer you our final offer. If you accept it, we shall proceed with the sale. You can wait until the process is completed or get the cash instantly. However, the latter is subject to a slight deduction.

Why Would I Sell My Used Car?

Various reasons support the sale of your used car. For instance, suppose your car is junk or scrap and is lying on your property. In that case, you will likely be spending a significant amount of money on it, including insurance policies. Yet, it offers no substantial reward. This means you can save a ton of cash in the long run.

So, why would I sell my car Melbourne? Selling your used car offers an extra amount to invest in various meaningful ventures. Even old models can fetch a substantial amount, mainly if they are unique.

Selling your car to us is an excellent decision. You do not need to worry about the cost of hiring an intermediary. The seamless process also implies that you’ll waste no time or resources in the long run.

You can also get some selling tips from Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Want To Sell Your Car In Melbourne?

What Type of Cars Do you Buy From Us?

Scrap Car Removal specialize in used cars and junk vehicles. You can also consider selling scrap car to us. Each category attracts a particular amount, often based on the condition. As long as you have a car in this category, you can reach out to us.

Your car’s condition determines whether or not we shall accept it or categorize it as scrap or junk. Any vehicle in top-notch condition shall guarantee sufficient returns. But don’t worry. You still have time to think about it!

Further, our company prioritizes particular car brands and models. The idea is to get vehicles that are popular within Melbourne. For this reason, our top priorities will be Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, and Holden

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Why we are the best option to sell your car Melbourne?

No one wants to be shortchanged. You want the best out of this sale. That is precisely what you get from us! Our experienced team will take you through a streamlined process, answering every question you have before kickstarting the process.

We rely on professionals to determine the value of your vehicle. This move ensures you do not suffer any losses when putting your car on the market.

We guarantee immediate cash. You will get instant cash for your vehicle, particularly when in urgent need of money.

We accept cars in various conditions. With this, you are confident that the sale will happen.


The best option is to sell your used car. This option guarantees a better value. You will likely fetch more than 60% of the initial cost with the current market. These prices could increase if the demand for new cars rises.

However, this option does not exclude junk and scrap cars. Suppose you want to get maximum value for your scrap vehicle. In that case, you will need to consider valuing it against its weight. You could also opt to sell it as spare parts, depending on the vehicle’s condition.

Various issues determine how much you get paid. The highest value will be for a recently manufactured and reputable car model.

Yes. We accept cars in various conditions. However, we categorize them into either used, scrap, or junk. This approach allows us to get the best value for your product.

The value of your car will determine how much you get. We deposit this money into your bank account or you can get a cash cheque. It is the safest approach to consider.

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