Tips to Choose a Car Removal Company in Melbourne

6 Useful Tips to Choose a Car Removal Company in Melbourne

After driving your car for years and getting its money’s worth, you should think of a safe and profitable way to dispose of it, rather than spending hundreds of dollars at the mechanic’s. You may not get the resale value you imagined, but you can still make the most of the situation.

Here is when you need to find the best junk car removal company to help you get rid of the car. In Melbourne, there are tens of car removal services. So, how do you choose the best junkyard for you?

Tips to Choose a Car Removal Company in Melbourne

Here are 6 valuable tips for choosing a car removal company in Melbourne.

1. Always check their reviews

Choosing a junk car removal company is time and effort-consuming. So, you should research to eliminate some companies from your pool of options. A business with a good reputation among former and current clients says a lot about the business.

If the experience for most people was terrible, chances are, you will also experience the same bad things. So, always go for a business that has proven it can uphold its end of the bargain during a junk car removal transaction. You can find out all this by going through the online reviews of customers.

2. Location of the company

Your location, relative to the company’s junkyard, affects how much you pay to sell your vehicle. A local company may even offer free towing services. However, if you choose a company further from you, you will need to pay more to the towing company to drag your car across the city.

3. Always compare quotes

While junk car removal companies are legit businesses, some companies will not hesitate to list a lower price for your car when drafting a quote. Therefore, the company you settle for mustn’t be the first to come through your mail.

Always provide all the information about your vehicle and wait for their quotes. You will notice some price differences among

4.Always go for a more versatile company

A reputable junkyard that handles all sorts of vehicles and probably pays you for towing your vehicle to them is an ideal choice. The yard should accept buses, trucks, bikes, SUVs, hatchbacks, minivans, etc. It should also be open to offering free towing services or compensation if you incur the cost yourself.

5. An LMCT licensee

A company with an LMCT license is a good sign that the organization has the right skills to conduct car businesses. The licensed motor car traders follow the strict legal business guideline, making it easy to sell your old car to them.

You can apply for LMCT license.

6. Go for a same-day payment company

The whole reason why you are selling your car is to make some money off of it. So, when selling, ensure you get the best deal. Part of the deal could include a same-day payment. This reduces the transaction time and saves you the time you could otherwise use to follow up on said payments.


When selling your car, choosing the right car removal company will save you a lot of hassle in the future. Look into what their previous customers say and their range of services.

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