factors increase the value of old car

Which factors increase or decrease the value of the old car?

A junk car sitting in your driveway raises many disadvantages than benefits. For instance, older car models release chlorofluorocarbons into the air. These nasty chemicals ruin the ozone layer, which results in more global warming.

To prevent this, you might want the help of professional junk car handlers who have better approaches to disposing of and recycling old vehicles. As you sell your car, you want to get the best deals.

However, not everything you do will increase the value of your car. Other factors could lower your vehicle’s worth. And today, we look at which factors increase or decrease your car’s value.

factors increase the value of old car

Factors that increase the value of your car


It is challenging to put a price on a junk car. This is because many variables come into play when determining the cost of an old vehicle. However, a few factors affect the price of your car, and these add to the value of your vehicle.


To boost the price of your car, here are a few tips:


Start planning your sale at the beginning of the month-

Most scrap car dealers base their prices on the scrap metal market value. However, most companies tend to lower their prices towards the end of the month. So, by selling your car early in the month, you have the chance to get better prices.

Keep your car intact-

The condition of your vehicle determines how much you get for it in a scrap car market. So, for the best deal for your scrap car, avoid removing parts, even if it seems like the better deal.

Find a reputable buyer-

One way to get a good deal for your car is to find a local scrap car buyer. You should not have to haggle with the driers during pickup.


Repairs improve the condition of your car. So, if you are handy with your vehicle and can make a few repairs to improve its condition, you are ultimately increasing your vehicle’s worth.

Special features-

A car with modern technology features like automatic emergency brakes that can prevent accidents will be more valuable.

Maintaining your car regularly:

This will keep it in good condition and last longer. Thus, helping increase its resale value.

Keeping your car clean:

A clean car is more likely to be noticed and appreciated by potential buyers.

Making modifications:

Some modifications can make your car more valuable, such as adding a custom paint job or installing a performance-enhancing engine.

Having a good history:

A car with a clean record is more appealing to buyers than one with a checkered past.

Making sure all the features work:

If your car has features like a sunroof or heated seats, make sure they’re in good working condition before selling.

Getting a professional appraisal:

If you’re not sure how much your car is worth, it’s a good idea to get a professional inspection. This can help you price your vehicle accurately and maximize its value.


Factors that decrease your car’s value



Dents, scratches, and other cosmetic damage can all add up to lower your car’s value. Functional damage, such as a broken engine or transmission, will decrease its value even more.

Age and mileage:

Generally speaking, the older and higher the mileage on a car, the lower its value will be.


All cars depreciate over time, but some lose value faster than others. Luxury cars, for example, tend to decline more quickly than economy cars.

Make and model:

Some cars are more popular than others, so they hold their value better.


A car with a bad history—such as being involved in an accident—will be worth less than a similar car with a clean record.


A car in good condition will be worth more than one that needs repairs.

One way of lowering your vehicle’s worth is by taking it apart. You may think that selling the engine would earn you money, but then, you are only left with a carcass, which fetches a meager value in the market.

Modifications also wear out your car faster, so the final price becomes lower.

 These are the factors that affect your car’s resale value.

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